How do you Diagnose what is wrong with my engine?
Engine Problems?
At Veldman's we will do a  Engine Diagnostic Service which includes much more than just hooking up to a computer and looking for codes.  Along with scanning your vehicle's onboard computer using the state of the art equipment, we look for technical bulletins issued by your vehicle's manufacturer,  road test the vehicle,  do visual inspection of engine compartment, analyze your battery and charging system, and may test fuel pressure, spark compression and individual components.
After all this is completed, you will be presented with the cause of the malfunction and an estimate for the repair.

What is a Engine Tune-up?
The traditional tuneup no longer exists.  Now a days there is not much left to do under the hood of your car except change spark plugs and replace the air filter periodically.  In newer cars, the engine computer fixes and controls the ignition timing,  idle speed and fuel mixture.  So when you bring your car in for a tuneup, Veldman's will actually do a Engine Diagnostic Service and inspect your belts and timing chain to determine what your vehicle needs and replace only the parts required to improve the performance of your vehicle.
What if my Engine needs serious help?
Don't worry if you want to keep your car.  
Veldman's Automotive Service Center can replace minor parts in your engine and if your engine is past repair we offer remanufactured engines provided by Jasper Engines. 
Your Remanufactured Engine will come with a 3 year or 100,000 mile warranty whichever comes first.
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