Is your Engine Running Hot?
When do I need Cooling System Service?
We recommend getting a Coolant Service every 30,000 miles or 3 Years.
When determining if your vehicle is ready for a Cooling System Service also known as a Radiator Flush, you should watch out for these signs.  

Overheating  is when your temperature gauge flucates between hot and normal.
Coolant Leaks are determined by antifreeze pooling under your car or if you are always topping off the fluid level.
Visible Signs of Rust or Scaling are found in your antifreeze/coolant.  Our Technicians are able to test your coolant to determine its quality based on contaminates and corrosiveness.
Steam or Sweet Smell  is noticed coming from under the hood.
Bulging, Frayed or Cracked Hoses are also clues your cooling system needs maintenance.

Don't neglect your Cooling System! 
Your Cooling System is responsible for keeping your engine and it's components cooled by removing the heat and dispelling it to the air outside.  Neglect can result in major damage or complete engine failure.
What makes up my car's Cooling System?