How does Veldman's fix my Air Conditioning System?
When you bring your vehicle into Veldman's for an Air Conditioning issue, we will first run a
Performance Check to determine the condition of your A/C and figure out if you need any additional repairs.  This includes a visual check, performance test, pressure and leak detection test.  If you A/C system seems fine we suggest a 
A/C Evacuate and Recharge to bring back the cool.  Here we will evacuate and recover all the refrigerant, recharge the refrigerant to the proper specs, and verify the system is working properly by checking pressure and temperature control.
If it is determined you need more than a Recharge we offer
A/C System Repair or Replacement.  With this service we can replace orings, seals, hoses and lines, compressors and compressure clutches, evaporators, condensers, tubes and valves, switches, solenoids, relays, blower motors and blower motor resistors.  
If you have an older car we also offer
A/C retrofitting from R-12 to R-134a which is a enviromentally friendly A/C refrigerant.

Did you know in the Winter you may need your A/C repaired?  Watch out for foggy windows....